Research Services


Visitor Feedback Program

A visitor feedback program is an ongoing program designed to gauge the visitors’ experiences, collect demographic data and confirm how visitors learn about the Museum. It enables an organization to measure results over time and in response to changes in programming or services. Surveys are conducted by Museum staff or volunteers.

This program consists of a:

  • Pool of survey items to build the instrument
  • Customizable items based on your exhibition schedule
  • Sampling framework with the sample size and data collection periods
  • Visitor survey instrument programmed for a tablet or online use
  • Quarterly reports accessible online

Strategic Research

Strategic research usually consists of one-off studies designed to answer specific questions related to future strategies or operational plans. Examples include visitor or stakeholder perceptions about the Museum’s reputation, value to the community, and expectations for the future. It can examine visitor preferences for interaction with staff and exhibits; comfort with the facility; use of technology; and impact on learning. Following are key elements of the Pivotal Research process.

  • Research and review background material, website presence and prior research
  • Interview key staff to define target needs
  • Build a custom survey with staff input
  • Define the sampling framework with the sample size and data collection periods
  • Program the survey instrument for tablet or online use
  • Test the survey to ensure data quality
  • Analyze the results using advanced analytics
  • Prepare and present a final report with recommendations for programming, marketing or service delivery

Building Visitor Profiles (Psychographic profiles)


Building visitor profiles involves using measures that focus in on visitors’ motivations, behaviors and desires. It answers questions like… What motivates visitors? How do different personal characteristics impact visitor behavior? What effect does different visitor expectations have on their experience? What kind of interaction with exhibits and staff creates the best possible experience?

By asking the right survey questions this research provides an informed foundation from which museum staff can base decisions about fundraising, new exhibits, and marketing. The research process is similar to Strategic Research except the focus is on psychographic profiles that are specific to your museum. The makeup of visitor profiles differs in proportion and type from one museum to another.

  • Design the survey to discover unique psychographic profiles of visitors to the Museum

Research Support Services

Research support services include an array of qualitative and quantitative research options, such as:

  • Grant writing;
  • Reviewing literature;
  • Evaluating a program and/or
  • Analyzing data