Why museum research?

Perceiving a gap in museum visitor studies in Canada we investigated the challenges Canadian institutions face in conducting research. By interviewing museum professionals from across the country we learned that museums struggle for a variety of reasons to conduct informative, relevant research and to apply these findings in a useful manner. We shared our findings in an article entitled, A Case for Visitor Research, published in the Canadian Museums Association magazine MUSE (2014, March/April).

After better understanding the needs and issues that Canadian Museums face, Pivotal Research Inc. embarked on creating a number of Research Services to meet the diverse needs of Canadian Museums.

Our research services

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The Pivotal Research Advantage

  • Access advanced analytical tools and expert advice on survey construction
  • Relieve the administrative burden of data analysis and reporting
  • Create another opportunity for visitor engagement
  • Set performance benchmarks to reference changes
  • Compare results from one period to another
  • Enable the roll up of data for annual reporting
  • Review results graphically and in real time
  • Obtain data to evaluate selected programs
  • Support evidence-based decision making